Our consortium organized in 2012 the first course in fibrosis held in Madrid (and to our knowledge in Spain). This course ( "Tissue Fibrosis in human disease " ) took place in September 2012 in the framework of the summer courses at the University of Alcalá de Henares. A great number of researchers of our consortium participated as speakers and it was attended by 22 students The organization of the course had its media coverage; an interview with Prof. Santiago Lamas ( Coordinator of the Program) was published in Notiweb    ( the scientific information portal of the Community of Madrid). Given the success of this course we plan to continue with its organization in the future with a biannual periodicity
                Our teaching vocation is supported also by the participation of consortium members in various training programs both national and international . We would like to highlight the contribution of the consortium in the European Initial Training Network (Initial Training Network ) cardiovascular research ( cardiovascular research: " CardioNet " ) and peritoneal dialysis (European Training and Research in Peritoneal Dialysis : " EuTRiPD " ) .
                In the context of teaching and research training, we would like to emphasize that consortium groups are forming a pool of young researchers in the field of fibrosis , so that in the first phase of this program seven doctoral thesis have been completed.

The researchers of the groups of FIBROTEAM participate Groups participating in the following Graduate Programs of the European Space of Higher Education :

                - Master in Molecular Biomedicine . Organized by the Autonomous University of Madrid ( 60 ECTS )
                - Master 's Programme Biomedical Sciences . Organized by the Institute Hubretcht (Utrecht University) 120 ECTS
                - Master in Molecular and Cellular Biology Organized by the Autonomous University of Madrid ( 60 ECTS )
                - Master 's Degree in Biochemistry , Molecular Biology and Biomedicine . Organized by the Universidad Complutense de Madrid ( 60 ECTS )
                - Theoretical and Practical Course XIV Peritoneal Dialysis . 7.3 credits. Organized by the Autonomous University of Madrid in collaboration with the Fundación Renal Iñigo Alvarez de Toledo
                - Tissue fibrosis in human disease . Organized by the FIBROTEAM and the University of Alcala de Henares. Directors : M. Piedad Ruiz Torres , Marta Ruiz Ortega
                - Advances in Renal Physiology and Pathophysiology and Vascular Organized by the University FIBROTEAM and Alcala de Henares. Directors : Laura Calleros and Gemma Olmos

                In the 2014-2015 period our intention is to continue with all of these activities In addition we intend to organize an international scientific meeting in which we bring together leading scientists in the field of fibrosis and to provide a platform for the dissemination of our activities. Here, with the help of several young researchers within the consortium , we have presented to the International University of Andalusia (UNIA ) an application for the organization of a Workshop in Biomedicine ( " Current Trends in Biomedicine " ) during the year 2014 This application is built around a workshop that we entitled " Cardiovascular Extracellular Matrix in health and disease " , organizers : Nadia Mercader ( CNIC , FIBROCOR ) , Paul Riley (University of Oxford , United Kingdom) and Harry C. Dietz ( John Hopkins University and School of Medicine , USA ) , which aimed to address the role of extracellular matrix and fibrosis in the context of cardiovascular disease , one of our main goals.